What next for Edinburgh Northern and Leith Labour Party


We only ever see you at election time!

How many times have we heard that on the doorstep?

Well, here in Northern & Leith we feel as though we’ve been out on the stomp since the 2014 Independence Referendum – we’ve got the blisters to prove it, and not just on our feet.

We’re in good fettle – Theresa May's £130m General Election gamble didn’t deliver her strong & stable majority, Labour’s manifesto struck a chord, Nicola Sturgeon’s gas is on a peep,  we gained 7 seats in Scotland,  , and locally we came close to making it 8.

The Saturday after the election we had our usual stall at Leith Gala; the following Saturday we were out at Edinburgh Pride; the next Thursday we had a mass canvass with Owen Jones (pictured) in West Pilton; the following Monday we had a welcome event for some of our 45 new members who’ve joined since the election; 2 days later 50+ activists received a briefing on the council and general election results, and started planning how we win this seat back at the next election, whenever it’s called; we had a team out in Albert Street on Saturday. ............and our social media reach is growing.

Not just at election time after all.