Towards a Community Manifesto.

An invitation to a community follow up discussion for Northern Edinburgh and Leith.


Last December we held a community open space event which explored how local communities might benefit from or influence the direction of the changes that the Scottish Parliament additional powers will allow. 

Everyone said they enjoyed the event and they hoped there would be a follow-up one. 

Some of the comments were- "I did not think I had views but I do now"

"Please lets keep talking and make some of these great ideas happen in real life"

"Thank you for organising such a thought provoking event and giving us an opportunity to get our voices heard"

"I met independent thinkers with a heart for community"

Towards a community manifesto on 2nd April 2016 will take this forward.

Participants will have the opportunity to:-

  • Hear updates on what has happened since December.

  • Contribute to realistic action plans to address the 6 community priorities identified in December.

  • Rank the priorities for action by community and elected representatives. 

The venu is Newhaven Church Hall and doors open at 10am. Further details can be seen in the invitation attached. Towards a community manifesto

This event is FREE but please let us know you are coming by registering here through Eventbrite. 

If you were a previous participant you will be given priority when registering. 

Please join us for this important community event.