Post EU referendum

Post EU referendum message from Kezia Dugdale 

"This afternoon I spoke to Nicola Sturgeon. We both have profound disagreements about the constitutional future of Scotland, but I stand ready to work with her in the best interests of the people of Scotland. This is a bad result for jobs and for the economy in Scotland and across the UK. The priority now should be to stabilise the economy, protect jobs and make sure that we don’t lose access to the European market. 

It is right that the devolved governments of the UK will now play a key part in any discussions about our future relationship with the EU. It would not be right for any discussions to take place without representation for the devolved nations of the UK.  Now is the time for calm heads. 

One thing we know for sure is that we know very little about what will happen next.  However, on the question of independence, many of the fundamental questions that were unresolved and unanswered in 2014, remain so. Not least the question of currency. What we don’t need today is more turmoil, more upheaval and more economic chaos.



I know many of you worked incredibly hard during the campaign and will be feeling angry and disappointed this afternoon.  We fought a strong and positive campaign here in Scotland and I remain proud and thankful for all of your efforts.  Now, more than ever is a time for us to stand united and continue to fight for our values and beliefs."




Kezia Dugdale
Scottish Labour Leader