Cammy Day - Forth Ward 

I have been the local councillor for over 9 years, after working locally as a youth and community worker across the ward, encouraging young people to play an active role in their community.

With a background of trade union involvement I always pursue fairness and equality and "doing the right thing"

I feel I am respected and hardworking and keen to find a positive solution and outcome for all.

If re-elected I will continue to argue for more affordable housing in Forth Ward, along with proper amenities. I will continue to fight for funding for the many local projects serving Forth Ward and it's diverse communities. I will ensure that Forth Ward plays a key part in the future of our capital city, with more jobs and destinations, putting Forth on the map. 


Marion Donaldson- Leith Walk Ward 

Some politicians tend to become famous for what they say. In my relatively short – but very active – time as a councillor for Leith Walk ward, I have sought to distinguish myself for a different trait: my ability to listen. Already I have formed deep bonds with the community and its people. I am committed to maintaining and growing this level of engagement and accessibility. For me, this is a vocation – not a job.  It is also a privilege.

As you may know, I entered politics as a food bank team leader, who was – and remains – driven to improve life circumstances for the vulnerable. Today, I continue to volunteer with a homeless charity. Tangible progress is already being made at a local level on the core issues of health, culture, poverty and the economy. If elected I will continue building on these promising foundations. 


Gordon Munro- Leith Ward 

I have worked for Leith since 2003. I sit on the Board of Port of Leith Housing Association , Citadel Youth Centre and I was chair of Leith Festival from 2007-13.

 I will work to 

1-      Provide more Council and Social rent housing in Leith

2-      Make Leith cleaner with groups such as Leither’s Don’t Litter and the Friends of the Water of Leith

3-      Stop the Seafield Stench


Heather Pugh- Forth Ward 

I am delighted and honoured to have been chosen to stand as the Labour Party candidate for Forth Ward in the fourthcoming Local Government elections in May 2017. 

I know a large part of the area well growing up in West Pilton and schooled at Royston Primary and  Ainslie Park High. I moved out of the area briefly in my 20s but then returned to have my family support network around me to enable me to continue working full time as a civil servant and to bring my daughter up in the area I grew up. Four generations of my family have lived in the area now and I'm proud to be selected to stand here.  


 Nick Gardiner - Leith Walk Ward

I am always ready to take on, and fight challenging, complex battles, as well as more straightforward case work.

I believes that the fair sharing of resources is at the heart of good politics.

I understand that the defining challenge of our generation, as well as the next, is Climate Change, and that Councillors have a role to play at local, City and national level.


James Dalgleish - Inverleith Ward

 I am honoured and proud to be selected as the Labour party Candidate in Inverleith for next years Local Government elections. I was born and raised a stone's throw away from Inverleith and attended Broughton High School in the heart of the ward. I feel proud of the work that Labour councillors such as Lesley Hinds has done to help the people of Inverleith and I want to continue that over the next five years as your local councillor. The people of Inverleith deserve a hardworking representative and a strong local champion, I will be that person. "