Local Action Plan


What we’re about

“We want everyone to have the opportunity to make the life they want for themselves. We want the places we live to be healthy and prosperous. And we want the kind of politics where decisions are made together with the people those decisions affect.”

We will do this by encouraging all our members to utilise their skills and expertise in teams to support and develop our local recovery plan across the following areas:


 Membership Recruitment & Development


  • Continue our membership engagement project to increase our understanding of what party membership means to people.
  • Prepare a guide for all members on how the party works locally
  • Constantly recruit and welcome new members, especially in areas where membership density is low among the black and ethnic minority community. 
  • Develop and acknowledge members’ skills and build their confidence to participate in and be at the heart of our campaigns, on their own terms.
  • Pilot and develop local structures to support our campaigns, including informal ward meetings between members and councillors.
  • Achieve all of the above through a combination of formal, informal and social activities

 Democracy & Policy Making

  • Engage party members and the local community in our policy making discussions and its implementation 
  • Facilitate sufficient time for  discussion of policy and local objectives at General meetings 
  • Pro actively organise materials and discussion on key issues


Community Campaigning

  • Maintain supportive links with the broadest range of community groups
  • Organise regular community group discussions and events with follow-up
  • Expand our social media presence from being internally to externally focused 
  • Develop a local media strategy for magazines, papers etc 


Election & Referendum Campaigning

  • Prepare and deliver regular elected representatives’ e and paper newsletters 
  • Review our election IT systems to  ensure they are fit for purpose
  • Prepare for another possible UK general election. 
  • Have in place contingency plans for any future referenda.
  • Participate in and support the revitalisation of the Edinburgh Local Campaign Forum. 
  • All to help regain our Westminster and Scottish Parliament seats


This will be supported by work to improve the way we operate on a day to day basis:


  • Being Efficient & Effective

  • Ensure the Executive deals with as much routine business as possible
  • Maximise the use of Nationbuilder to improve and develop our communications with members and the public.
  • Conclude our access project to ensure our meetings and activities are accessible to all. 
  • Establish and share best practice for our website and social media  
  • Develop a long term fundraising strategy.