Jeremy Corbyn's Statement

"Let’s work together to create a decent society for all"

To win elections we must transform our party, empower communities and work together on a plan that delivers a decent life and an economy that works for all.


The old way of doing things isn’t working. Last year I was proud to be elected as Labour leader with an overwhelming majority, to build a new kind of politics. This was on the back of a wave of hope and optimism that provided such a stark contrast to the disempowerment that so many people felt with politics.

It wasn’t, and isn’t, about me.

It is about all of us. We’ve won back London and Bristol, and won every mayoral election and by-election we have stood in. We’ve forced twenty two U-turns out of the Tories, including on crucial issues like their failed plan to take three million people’s tax credits away.

We are now Europe’s largest political party, with over half a million members.Our mass membership is more than just an army of activists; they represent a new kind of politics that empowers communities and people to take control of our own lives. Our new members will help take our message into every community across the land - because they come from every community in this country. Electioneering cannot succeed without winning hearts and minds - from Nuneaton, to Dagenham, from Bristol to Aberdeen, from Cardiff to Sunderland.

I want to hear all your ideas on how we build the movement further and the programme for the next Labour government. I am already committed to:

• A real living wage, guaranteed hours, getting rid of the Trade Union Act and employment tribunal fees

• Providing dignity and security for those who can’t work

• An affordable home for every family, and 100,000 new social housing units a year

• Pay equality audits for all companies employing over 21 staff, to end the scandal of people being denied opportunities because of their gender or the colour of their skin

• Protecting our NHS, ending privatisation and integrating health with social care

• A £500bn National Investment Bank to rebalance the economy, create skilled jobs and ensure no community is left behind. Already, people have stopped believing that cuts to schools and hospitals and tax cuts for the richest help our economy. Despite huge pressure from the establishment, we’ve forced the Tories into U-turning on tax credits and dozens of other issues. I have a serious plan for troubled times - a plan to win an election, they policies to change people lives and change this country for the better. We’ve moved the debate, now let’s get Labour into government, together.


– Jeremy Corbyn Sign up to help us at Donate at Ballot papers start to arrive on 21 August 2016 and polling closes on 22 September 2016 at 12 noon – don’t forget to vote!